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Seller Accounts 1 1 7 20
Marketplaces US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, ES, IT US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, ES, IT US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, ES, IT US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, ES, IT
Collaborators 1 2 10 25
Product Research 0 100 1000 2000
Reverse ASIN+ 0 60 500 1000
Asin Spy 0 10 50 100
Customizable Dashboards
Sales Tracker Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Keyword Tracker 0 500 1000 2000
Keyword Tracker Boost Mode 0 5 100
Alerts 0 500 1000 2000
Landing Pages 0 5 20 50
Email Automation 0 5 10 25
Rules & Automation
Seller Accounts
The number of seller central accounts you can connect and manage simultaneously. These can be all US accounts, or International accounts, including United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, and Mexico. Each marketplace includes unlimited access to Dashboards, Profit Manager, Product Manager, Order Manager, Customer Manager, etc.
The number of people you can share your account with. They will have their own login and password. These collaborators can be your VAs, colleagues, investors, clients, etc. Collaborators do not need to pay to have access to your account. You can set permissions for each collaborator allowing you to share all tools and modules or pick just some of them, e.g. profit dashboard. Also, your collaborators can have different access rights, e.g. view only or edit.
Keyword Tracker
Easily track thousands of keywords within this powerful tool. Unlike most keyword trackers, our powerful tracker will automatically find the keywords that you rank for eliminating the guesswork and time spent researching. Save time and put your keyword tracking on autopilot. Quickly check the position of your product keywords and compare ranking to your competition instantly.
Keyword Tracker (Boost)
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Receive daily or hourly Amazon product notifications of buybox hijackers, product suppressions, bad reviews, price changes, changes in title, description, bullet points, category changes, best seller badge, low inventory, out of stock, amazon choice, feedback, dimensions changes, questions, etc. Assign different alerts to different VAs. Receive notifications by email, SMS or connect to Zapier ®. Put all these time-consuming tasks on auto-pilot.
Asin Spy
Spy on your competition and get the ultimate insights on their real stock levels, sales volumes, price changes, BSR, reviews velocity and much more. This information can easily be used when you launch new products in order to estimate how many units you need to sell and what your review velocity should be to rank as well as your competitors. No more guessing or using estimation tools.
Landing Pages
Fully customizable and beautifully designed landing pages that will convert external traffic into sales and let you capture email addresses and phone numbers. Pre-sale landing pages for new customers to drive traffic and post-sale landing pages for existing customers to collect reviews, verify order numbers and to remarket your other products. Amazon loves external traffic and landing pages in combination with Facebook Ads can be extremely efficient and will let you collect your customer data.
Email Automation
Use powerful email sequences specific to individual products or product segments and filtered by buyer behaviors. Sending followup emails to your Amazon buyers allows you to collect valuable feedback and prevent misunderstanding or product returns. Easily build email campaigns with our live preview editor and use custom variables, images, logos, file attachments, HTML, and much more. Track your email campaigns and open rates.
Powerful and fast Amazon keyword research tool that helps you find the most relevant keywords to get maximum visibility for your product listings. Enter any seed keyword or your competitor’s ASIN and see all the relevant keywords with their corresponding search volumes, competition, and dominant categories. This tool is critical when you do your keyword research and optimize your listing for Amazon.
Reverse ASIN+
This is the ultimate tool that will help you pick the most relevant keywords for your listing optimization, launch or PPC campaigns. We will analyze what your competitors are ranking for and what they have in common and you will have this data with 1 click. This took hours before now it is available to you instantly.
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